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Euro 2012 Snapshot
Euro 2012 - Live up to your true potential and start playing one of the most intense online soccer games ever created. Compete against the top countries as you strive to bring home the Euro Cup. Warning: you may fall in love with this one.
Euro Final Snapshot
Euro Final: Spain v Italy - Play in one of the most intense international rivalries ever. It’s Spain vs Italy in the Euro final. Do you have what it takes to win?
010 World Cup Prep Snapshot
010 World Cup Prep - Choose your favorite national team and start preparing for the World Cup! Practice your penalty kicks and scrimmage. Don’t show up to the World Cup unprepared!
Euro 2012 Free Kick Snapshot
Euro 2012 Free Kick - Practice your free kicks and prepare yourself for the Euro tournament. Be aware, you may get addicted to this soccer game.
4 X 4 Soccer Snapshot
4 X 4 Soccer - Like driving? Like soccer? Then this is the game for you! Drive around your car and try to knock a giant soccer ball into the goal. It’s one of my favorites.

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World Cup Soccer

Master your technique before the World Cup arrives so you can perform your best in the cup.

Soccer Five

Score as many goals as possible and fight off the competition.

Soccer Stars

Use your soccer skills to show how big of a star you are!

Foosball DX

Select your team and compete in a tournament against 3 other teams.

World Cup PK

Choose your favorite team and play out the whole World Cup.

Copa Libertadores

A soccer game for the ages. Copa Libertadores is for the best of the best.

Penguin Soccer

Play as a penguin to become a soccer star. Keep the ball from hitting the ground.

Euro 2012

Live the emotion to take part in Euro 2012 the biggest tournament in Europe.

Elfmeter Germany

Play with a German squad in the German Cup! Penalty shots and awesome saves.

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Soccer games are fun, easy to understand and access. Between watching your favourite teams play for real, enjoy some online play. Many internet players enjoy a variety of online games, from arcade, adventure right through to the fun that lists. Whatever games you like, sit back, have fun and enjoy!